Pirates Smugglers Paradise Slot - Review and Casinos 2020

Pirates Smugglers Paradise

The Pirates Smugglers Paradise online slot by Yggdrasil Gaming brings players to an island beach environment where you’ll try to run up winning clusters on the reels. There are a lot of ways to pick up payouts in this game including a high hit-rate style of play and a very in-depth set of bonus features.

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An Introduction to Pirates Smugglers Paradise

One of the things that has worked as a motif for many television shows, children’s toys, books, movies, video games and tons of other forms of media is a set of pirates out looking for treasure.

Pirates Smugglers Paradise Main Screen
Pirates Smugglers Paradise Main Screen

The Pirates Smugglers Paradise video slot is an example of Yggdrasil Gaming using this concept in a way that makes sense without it being taken too seriously.

That isn’t to say that it’s taken as a joke either, but you’ll have a fun pirate crab with a hook for one of its claws standing on the edge of a ship cheering you own with an evil mustache while you play if that tells you anything.

The presentation is a lot of fun, but it’s also not over-produced. The gameplay is also set up to be fun while not being taken to some hyper-serious level that some games try to do where everything comes across as dire in nature.

Betting and Layout

The format for this slot is a bit different than most. In fact, we can’t think of another game from the tons that we have seen in the industry that works like this one. Here’s what to expect:

  • Five vertical reels have five symbols showing on each for a 5×5 layout and 25 spots showing all the time.
  • The signs hanging on the left and right sides of the reels are for various features that will be broken down and described below.
  • Wins are had by picking up matching clusters of at least six symbols. These clusters can be connected horizontally or vertically, but matching symbols that are only connected diagonally will not count.
  • Players will wager 20 coins per spin.
  • You can pick coin sizes that range from €0.01 to €5 apiece, which lends itself to bet sizes of €0.20 to €100 per spin.

The volatility of this game is low. This is because of how the features work and how the pay schedule is set up. The hit-rate is fairly high as a result, and you won’t have to worry about much in terms of big swings.

Gameplay and Features

The atypical format of this game lends to some gameplay that’s a bit different. However, once you see how the wins are figured and how the features and gameplay flow work, it’s not that much different of a feel compared to many other video slots even though there’s a lot that’s fun and unique here.

Winning Cluster Combinations

On the most basic level, you’ll need a cluster of at least six symbols to get a payout. However, if you get two different clusters on the reels at the same time, then you’ll activate the cluster combination feature.

When this happens, the lower-paying set of symbols is turned into the higher-paying set of symbols from each respective winning cluster. This gives you opportunities to pick up much bigger wins than you would have otherwise.

Winning Re-spin Feature

Yggdrasil decided to do something a bit different with an avalanche-style feature in this game, and it works more like a re-spin feature instead. After every win, after symbols are converted along the lines of the above, you’ll see all of the symbols freeze in place to give you opportunities to let all of the losing symbols drop down with new symbols taking their place.

Pirates Smugglers Paradise Dropdowns
Pirates Smugglers Paradise Dropdowns

If you get any additions to your winning clusters from the original spin, then you’ll repeat the process over and over. This continues until the process is finished, and you’re left with whichever larger winning cluster is on the board. That’s when you’ll be paid.

Note that these re-spins are all free, and you don’t have to worry about them running up a cost or anything like that.

Free Spins Mode

The sign hanging on the left side of the Pirates Smugglers Paradise online slot are for treasure maps that help to trigger the free spins mode. If you collect three total during a single spin and its respective re-spins, then you will be given seven free spins.

Pirates Smugglers Paradise Free Spins
Pirates Smugglers Paradise Free Spins

You get three modes to pick from for this feature:

  • Win Fall – For every re-spin, you get two guaranteed matching symbols added.
  • High Seas – All of the low-tier symbols are removed from the reels to give you better average payouts.
  • Multiplier Madness – Your multipliers are not reset after each re-spin set, so you can keep winning bigger payouts throughout the remainder of the free spins mode.

On this multipliers point, you increase the multipliers when you fill an entire row, starting with the bottom and working your way up, with matching symbols.

Pirates Smugglers Paradise Multipliers
Pirates Smugglers Paradise Multipliers

How to Win at Pirates Smugglers Paradise

The whole style of gameplay around this slot is based around the idea that you’ll have a high hit-rate with a low volatility, but your wins are worth more than you’ll expect because of how all of the features work. This includes both what happens in the regular game mode and the bonus round.

Generally, we recommend that players increase their bet sizes when it comes to low-volatility games, and the Pirates Smugglers Paradise video slot is no exception.

Payout Structure for Pirates Smugglers Paradise

Wins in this game are based on the idea that each individual symbol is worth a given amount. When you get winning clusters, the number of symbols in that cluster is multiplied by the value of each individual symbol to get your payout.

Pirates Smugglers Paradise Payouts
Pirates Smugglers Paradise Payouts

The red pirate with the eye patch is worth 20x per symbol or 500x for 25 of a kind. With the purple pirate, it’s 15x/375x, and the green helper pirate wins a payout of 12x/300x. You can also score 10x/250x for the blue parrot with the purple mohawk.

Mid-tier wins are based on various pirate-themed objects. The pistol gets you 8x/200x, and you can score 7x/175x for the sword. The bottle pays 6x/150x, and wins of 5x/125x can be had for the hook symbol.

Finally, we have the lower-tier symbols. This includes the red heart, the purple spade, the green club and the blue diamond. For all four of these symbols, you’ll have wins of 2x/50x.


Yggdrasil Gaming knows how to really put a game together, and that includes both the gameplay side of things and the overall presentation. With the Pirates Smugglers Paradise online slot, you get to see both sides of this equation in full effect.

On the one hand, you have the presentation with the numerous characters. Even the low-tier and mid-level symbols look great, and it all happens in front of a beach scene with a good style of animation. While the concept is handled in a fun way, it’s serious about wins without taking itself too seriously on a conceptual level.

On the other hand, you have the play style, which centers around the atypical way of handling cluster pays. With symbols transforming to higher-paying symbols, multipliers and extra wins from the re-spin feature, it’s not difficult to see how much value is waiting for you and how much action you’ll have to work with.

We really like what they did with this game. It stands out without being too far outside of the box, which is the perfect balance overall.