PopRocks Casinos and Review 2021


The PopRocks video slot by Yggdrasil Gaming uses a different type of format than you’ve probably ever seen before. This game gives up to 72,188 ways to win on each spin with a minimum of 486, and it puts some serious twists on gameplay mechanics that players will already be familiar with.

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Casinos with PopRocks

An Introduction to PopRocks

There are only so many things that you can do with slot formats without going so far outside of the box that it alienates players. Yggdrasil Gaming is great at riding that line between doing too much and too little in this regard, and their PopRocks video slot is an excellent example of them doing this well.

PopRocks Main Screen
PopRocks Main Screen

In PopRocks, players get serious opportunities to run up their chances of winning with a format that comes alive and changes shape after each win.

The whole idea here is that the gameplay is something different than you wouldn’t be used to previously. However, the game also has a pretty strong aesthetic appeal as well, and we’re glad to see that Yggdrasil didn’t forget that players want something nice to look at while they play.

In any case, this is a game that pushes the limits of the typical video slot format while still giving players something they will be familiar with to enough of a degree that it doesn’t push them outside of their comfort zones too far.

Betting and Layout

The setup for this game is a bit outside of what you’ll be familiar with, and we’ll go more into the details of how it works further down below when we talk about gameplay. However, here’s what you can expect in the general sense:

  • The game starts each round with five reels of action and with three symbols showing on each reel.
  • The number of symbols on each reel can change due to game conditions, which we’ll cover more down below.
  • This is an “all ways” format slot, but it also pays in both directions, meaning you’ll have a minimum of 486 ways to win on each turn.
  • Wins are based on multiples of your total bet size.
  • There are 11 different available bet sizes that range from a super low €0.10 per turn on the lower end to €10 per spin on the upper end.

The volatility here is in the lower end of the medium range. Having such a large number of ways to win keeps the volatility reasonable while the large amounts of value you can get from the format changing occasionally keeps it from being at the rock bottom of the available range.

Gameplay and Features

The gameplay of this title centers almost completely around the difference in format, so we’ll be covering that extensively so that you know exactly how it works and what to expect before jumping in.

PopWins Mechanic

When you get a winning combination, it’s paid out normally in this game. From there, those winning symbols pop to disappear from the game board, and two new symbols will be added at random to the top and bottom of the remaining symbols for that reel.

PopRocks PopWins
PopRocks PopWins

From there, you’ll have another chance to evaluate for winning combinations, and this process continues over and over until there are no new wins available.

This increases the number of ways to win each time a win happens up to a maximum of 72,188. That’s a huge number of ways to win, and there are tons of incremental steps between the 486 you start with and that.

PopWin Multipliers

There are multipliers that can come into play with the PopWin mechanic as well. On the left-hand side of the reels is a counter, and it’s counting the number of symbols that pop on a given paid spin and the subsequent Popwins.

PopRocks Multipliers
PopRocks Multipliers

Once that counter gets to seven, it resets and increases the multiplier by a factor of one. This means that the number of ways you can win increases along with a win multipliers, which gives you opportunities for even more serious payouts.

Wild Unlocks

When you get every reel extended to have seven symbols each, then you will unlock the special wild feature. One wild is unlocked in a random place, and the multiplier will increase by two instead of one when you collect seven pops.

PopRocks Unlock Wild
PopRocks Unlock Wild

Once you get to this point, you’ll only get one extra symbol added per pop so that things stay at seven symbols per reel.

Once you’re at this point, it’s much easier to get winning combinations because there are so many symbols available on each reel, and that means you have better chances of carrying things on for several more re-spins.

Super High Purple Gems

There’s a purple gem symbol that’s actually the best-paying symbol in the game. It does not appear on the reels normally. Instead, it can only appear as a replacement for a pop. With that said, it has wins that are worth significantly more than any of the other symbols, so it can definitely add a lot of value in situations where you get several pops in a row after a given paid spin.

How to Win at PopRocks

This game has a deceptively moderate volatility for how high the hit-rate is. The reason for this is that the times you get lots of pops on a given spin will give a disproportionately high amount of value compared to anything else in the game.

It’s very interesting how that works, but from a bet sizing perspective, it gives you a lot of flexibility. With that said, we simply recommend picking a bet size around what you would normally use. You don’t need to do anything more special than that to adjust for this game.

Payout Structure for PopRocks

The red gem symbol that only appears during the pops pays a really high 100x for five of a kind. You need to keep in mind that getting this combination will usually mean that you’ve picked up a multiplier, so you’ll actually get more value from this one combination than you might think on average.

PopRocks Payout Structure
PopRocks Payout Structure

Aside from that, four upper-tier symbols make their way to the reels. The golden glowing figure with wings get you 10x for five of a kind. Five of a kind combinations of the green dragon pay 10x as well, and you will get the same win for five of the purple or blue figures in similar styles. Again, these four can only appear from pops as well.

From there, you have four different gems that pay 4x for red, 2.4x for purple, 2x for blue and 2x for green. The card symbols pay 0.8x for five of the green A, 0.72x for five of the purple K, 0.72x for five of the cyan Q, 0.6x for five of the yellow J and 0.6x for five of the violet 10 symbols.


The change in how the format for the PopRocks video slot moves around is really interesting. It’s a gameplay mechanic unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, and it goes to show that Yggdrasil Gaming can come up with something fresh at any time. The action is serious, and the presentation is aesthetically pleasing.

With that said, there is some aspect of this game’s style that may not appeal to all players. We think it’ll appeal to most, but it goes just a tad too far outside of the box for some most likely. We think that the limited number of symbols that can only appear during pops might be what made it too much. In any case, it’s definitely worth trying because it could easily become your new favorite title.