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Super 7s

The Super 7s online slot is a title produced by Pragmatic Play that gives you a chance to experience and older style of play within a more modern format. This game offers a ton of value straight from the pay table with a low-volatility approach that gives players a very high hit-rate.

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An Introduction to Super 7s

Within the online slots genre, there are generally two types of games on each side of a sharp divide. On the one hand, you have video slots, and on the other hand, you have classic slots. This divide is pretty much considered a standard part of the industry, but Pragmatic Play doesn’t think that it’s as stark of a difference as many do, and they prove that with their Super 7s video slot.

Super 7s Main Screen
Super 7s Main Screen

This game mixes the best of each of the two sub-genres to create a different type of relaxing experience that players who are fans of both types of games can fun and enjoyable.

As soon as you look at this game, you can see the theme playing out in full effect. There are fruit symbols all over the reels with Liberty Bells and lucky sevens, all of which are staples of classic titles. They look great, however, and aren’t just slapped together.

In terms of gameplay, you’ll get a bit of an older style as well since all of the value comes from the regular pay table. However, the format is modern with a full 15-spot grid, and that lends itself to a higher hit-rate than what you’d ever get within a three-reel layout.

Betting and Layout

We want to make something very clear: This is a somewhat limited format, but the action is more serious than you’ll think just based on how this game is set up on the most basic level, so be willing to give it a try anyway. Here’s what to expect:

  • Five reels stretch down with three rows of symbols running horizontally across.
  • Five paylines are available as well, which is fewer than most video slots.
  • The lines pay from left to right, and the number of them cannot be increased or decreased.
  • Up to 10 coins can be wagered on each line for a maximum bet size of 50 coins.
  • The minimum coin size is €0.01 with a maximum of €2.
  • As a result, you’ll have a ton of betting increments that run from €0.05 to €100 per spin.

There are a few things to understand about this format. First off, it offers more action than it would seem with just five paylines, and this is because the hit-rate is so high. Second, the volatility is incredibly low, and we mean that it’s among the lowest that you’ll find anywhere in the online slots industry. Third, this game lends itself to a style of play that’s faster paced than most as well.

Super 7s Game Rules
Super 7s Game Rules

Gameplay and Features

The structure of this title’s gameplay and features is atypical for the video slot sub-genre. The reason for this is that it’s a bit of an outlier in how it awards payouts, and we want to mention how that works with respect to the volatility in this section since that’s a critical part of how the gameplay experience goes for the Super 7s online slot.

Play Style

If you’re a fan of games with a ton of bonus features, then you may balk at first when you realize that this game has none. However, what you’ll find instead is that all of the value that was tied up in those features is instead given to players in the form of more frequent wins on the small and medium parts of the pay table.

The end result is a title that has an extremely high hit-rate, which in turn brings the volatility down quite a bit. As you see further down below, this allows for some pretty creative adjustments in terms of how you play the game itself, so that’s something to consider as well.

Lucky Sevens Payouts

All of the regular payouts in this game actually fall onto two different tiers of payouts except for two special symbols. The first is the lucky red seven, and that’s what we’re looking at here because it offers the best wins available in the entire game.

Five of a kind of this lucky red seven awards a win of 1,000 times your total bet size, which would be like a 5,000x line bet win.

This top jackpot is actually higher than what you’ll find in the majority of video slots, and that’s not something you’d expect with the volatility being so low.

However, because there’s such a drop off to the next-highest wins, this is just Pragmatic Play making sure that players still have an opportunity to win a tremendous amount in a single spin while still maintaining the low-variance gameplay with few big swings that players seek out in this title.

Scattered Star Symbols

The other major symbol that you need to know about is the star scatter. This symbol shows up on each of the five reels, and it awards the following payouts:

  • Five of a Kind – 250x
  • Four of a Kind – 50x
  • Three of a Kind – 10x

These pays, like all other wins that we will be describing for the Super 7s video slot, are based on multiples of the entire wager. Along those lines, five of a kind is worth the same as a 1,250x line bet win. This is the second-highest prize in the game, second only to five of the lucky seven, and it’s larger than the top win in most video slots.

Super 7s Payouts
Super 7s Payouts

How to Win at Super 7s

The volatility being so incredibly low in this game allows for some creative options when it comes to the bet sizing. This is exacerbated by the fact that you have so many betting increments to pick from.

Our recommendation is to start with a regular bet size and then to increase it until you find a spot that you’re comfortable with. The swings will still be super low because of the really low volatility and high hit-rate, and that’s the main thing that players are concerned with maintaining when manipulating their bet sizes to suit a slot.

Payout Structure for Super 7s

Pragmatic Play put together the payout structure for this title in a way that is really easy to work with. Outside of the scatter payouts and prizes for the lucky sevens, there are essentially two tiers of payouts with one exception.

The Liberty Bell and cherry make up the mid-tier set of symbols, and they both pay 200x for five of a kind, 40x for four or 10x for three.

The grapes, oranges, pears and plums all fill in the lower end of wins, and you can pick up 40x for five, 10x for four or 4x for three of a kind combinations. The one exception to this is the plum symbol, which also gives a 1x win for two of a kind combinations, the only two of a kind win in this game.


The play style that is defined in the Super 7s online slot is something that Pragmatic Play obviously intended to be for specific types of players. With that having been said, the high hit-rate style offers enough action that it’s something we think a lot of players would get a lot of fun out of, so we recommend that people take a look at it and see if it unexpectedly fits what they’re interested in.