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Vault of Fortune

The Vault of Fortune video slot by Yggdrasil Gaming combines a fun theme with lots of different artifacts with an action-oriented style of play with features that hit very often. The free spins bonus feature offers a lot of value as well, and that comes as a part of the well-rounded gameplay approach that this game offers.

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An Introduction to Vault of Fortune

If you’ve been in the online slots world for very long, you’ll quickly come to find that there are certain themes and concepts that get used a lot, but there are others that seem to come out of nowhere and don’t really have any games with a direct comparison.

Vault of Fortune Main Screen
Vault of Fortune Main Screen

Somehow, the Vault of Fortune online slot, produced by Yggdrasil Gaming, is able to check both of these boxes at the same time.

On the one hand, the game is based on a variety of different artifacts with a background that looks like some sort of museum basement storage. On the other hand, we’ve never really seen it handled like this, and that adds a lot of novelty to the whole thing.

Moreover, the gameplay is very solid. The feature set is geared towards things that will trigger often during the regular game mode, and that’s excellent news for people who don’t want to sit around waiting for a rare feature that only hits once every second or third play session, which is what you find a lot of in the industry as a whole.

Betting and Layout

The betting is really simplified to make things go as smoothly as possible. As usual, Yggdrasil has set things up to offer a lot of great options to players at all levels. Here’s what to expect:

  • Five reels with three rows make up the main grid and gameplay area for this title.
  • You’ll always have 20 paylines activated. You cannot change how many lines you’re playing with.
  • Your lines always pay from the leftmost reel toward the right only.
  • Betting centers around different coin values, which will then be multiplied by 20 (one for each line) to give your total wager size.
  • A wide range of bet sizes are available, so you can enjoy this game no matter what size your bankroll happens to be.

We also want to point out that the volatility of this game is fairly low, and a lot of that does come from how often the features hit, but it also comes from this game having an above-average hit-rate for the regular pay table as well. You’ll find that there isn’t much to worry about in terms of big swings as a result.

Gameplay and Features

We really like what Yggdrasil has done with the gameplay style for the Vault of Fortune online slot, and here we’re going to break down all of its individual components to make it clear what this title has to offer.

When you get a combination of winning symbols, they will be paid out normally, but then the re-spin feature will activate. This is also known as a “rolling reels” or “avalanche” feature with other software companies, but Yggdrasil Gaming refers to it as “dropdowns.”

Winning symbols will disappear, and the symbols above them will fall downward into the empty places provided. From there, new symbols will fall from above to give a full 3×5 grid, and then you have a new chance for winning combinations once again.

This process continues until there are no wins available.

On each subsequent dropdown, your multiplier will increase by a factor of one. So you’ll have a 1x multiplier on your initial spin, 2x after the first dropdown, 3x after the second dropdown and so on. This multiplier resets once the re-spins feature is over.

Vault of Fortune Expanding Wilds
Vault of Fortune Expanding Wilds

Wild Symbols and Expansions

The wild symbol in this game looks like a golden level with a red handle, and it appears on all five reels. It’ll help you to get plenty of winning combos that you wouldn’t have been able to hit without it, but it also has solid pays of its own:

  • Five of a Kind – 25x
  • Four of a Kind – 5x
  • Three of a Kind – 1.2x

During the dropdown re-spin feature, if you get a win on a dropdown that includes a wild, then it will expand vertically in both directions to cover the reel with wilds. Note that this will not remove the value of any scatters from the game board if they are covered.

Free Spins Bonus Round

There’s a scatter symbol in this game that operates as a bonus symbol only and does not offer regular pay outs. They show up on all five reels in the Vault of Fortune video slot, and they offer different numbers of free spins depending on how many you use to trigger the feature:

Vault of Fortune Free Spins
Vault of Fortune Free Spins
  • Five of a Kind – 20 free spins
  • Four of a Kind – 12 free spins
  • Three of a Kind – 8 free spins

The main thing that changes the value that these free spins give compared to spins from the regular game mode is in how the multipliers are handled. You start the feature with whatever multiplier you had at the end of the spin that triggered the free spins to begin with, and you can increase your multiplier with every dropdown that happens.

However, the multiplier does not decrease or reset at any point in the feature, and it keeps increasing with each dropdown until the free spins mode is over. The end result is that you can end up with some pretty serious multipliers on your last few spins, and that’s a tremendous amount of value waiting to happen.

How to Win at Vault of Fortune

In this game, you have to deal with the fact that the hit-rate is above-average while the volatility is below-average. This means that the natural way to adjust would be to increase your bet size by somewhere in the range of 50 to 75 percent. However, we’re going to suggest something a little different.

Instead, we think that a better approach for this particular game, because of how much value the multipliers hold in the free spins mode, is to use the same bet size you normally would but to speed up your play so that you can get in more spins in the same session. The autoplay or turbo options are good for this approach. The whole idea is to maximize your exposure to the free spins mode.

You’ll get in more overall bets per session, but the low volatility will keep that from causing significant swings.

Payout Structure for Vault of Fortune

The red crown symbol gets players 25x for five of a kind, which is the same as the wild. You can also win 20x for five of the gorgeous purple and gold egg. The green cat statue and the blue vase have the same wins of 15x for five of a kind.

Vault of Fortune Payouts
Vault of Fortune Payouts

The pay table is made really simple at this point since all of the remaining symbols have the same payouts. The red heart, purple spade, green club and blue diamond are all formed into gem pendants that look tremendous, and they all pay 8x for five of a kind.

Note these wins are all multiples of the total bet size. If you want to know the line bet win equivalents, then multiply these values by a factor of 20.


The Vault of Fortune video slot gives players a solid combination of an atypical theme, a great visual presentation and a particularly strong form of gameplay. With its reasonable volatility combined with a value-packed bonus feature, there’s a lot that a whole lot of different types of players can enjoy here.

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