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Wild West Gold

The Western-themed Wild West Gold online slot, produced by Pragmatic Play, brings players into an old style of town with lots of gun slingers and ways to get paid. This is a title that focuses primarily on wild multipliers, but you’ll also have a shot at a value-packed free spins bonus feature as well.

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An Introduction to Wild West Gold

The Western genre is all about the Wild West no matter if you’re talking about an online slot or a classic movie. The Wild West Gold video slot by Pragmatic Play does not just rest on this timeless theme, however.

Wild West Gold Main Screen
Wild West Gold Main Screen

The gameplay is the star of the show in this title, even though it uses a theme that carries itself for the most part.

What really starts things off is the fact that the hit-rate of this game is so high even while it offers chances to win some pretty tremendous overall payouts. When you combine this with the features being what they are, there’s definitely a lot of action.

From a graphical perspective, this is a solid choice as well. The characters and animation look great without resorting to some kind of gaudy 3-D effect, and that’s what most players are looking for most of the time.

Betting and Layout

You’ll have a pretty intuitive format and betting setup to work with in this game. Here’s what to expect:

  • Five reels run vertically with four rows of symbols going horizontally to create this title’s game board.
  • This game uses 40 paylines that pay from left to right only.
  • You have no options regarding changing how many paylines are active on any given spin; it’s always 40.
  • A lot of different bet sizes are available based on the 20-coin setup used for this game and the ability to multiply that up to 200 coins per turn.
  • The coin sizes go from €0.01 to €0.50 apiece, which gives this title a betting range of €0.20 to €100 for each turn.
  • However, a simplified option is available with the plus and minus buttons that will simply run through the available bet sizes in order of the amount that they cost from smallest to largest.

The format of this title lends itself to a style of play based around getting a lot of smaller and medium-sized wins. However, the volatility isn’t quite as low as you might expect and is more in the lower end of the medium range because of the way the features work to increase the value of your average wins during the main game and bonus round.

Gameplay and Features

Pragmatic Play has put their own twist on some pretty common features to give the Wild West Gold online slot a different type of flavor. With that said, it’s definitely an action-packed title.

Wild Multiplier Symbols

On the middle three reels only, you can see wild sheriff’s badges symbols appear. They don’t have any payouts all to their own because they don’t make appearances on the first or last reels. However, they do give you some extra value in a different way.

Wild West Gold Wild Symbols
Wild West Gold Wild Symbols

Multiplier values of 2x, 3x or 5x will appear on every single wild. There are no wilds without a multiplier.

While the multiplier itself is chosen at random, it will multiply any winning combination that it’s a part of by the number that shows up. If you get multiple wilds on the same payout for a winning combination, then you will add their respective multipliers to get the total.

For example, if you get a combination with a wild x2, a wild x3 and a wild x5, the total multiplier for that line would be 10x.

Scatters and Free Spins

In the regular game mode, you will see a scattered desert scene with a sunset on the first, third and fifth reels. If you get all three of these scatters on the game board at once, then you will pick up a set of eight free spins.

Wild West Gold Free Spins
Wild West Gold Free Spins

When you’re in this free spins mode, you get a couple of extras. First off, all wild multipliers on the middle three reels will stay in place for the remainder of the feature as a sticky wild multiplier. The amount of value in this is obvious, and their multipliers will stay their initial value for the entire rest of the free spins.

Additionally, you’ll have scattered sheriff’s badge overlay scatters that go on top of regular symbols during this mode. Two or more will add extra free spins to your total along the following lines no matter where they show up:

  • Five Overlay Scatters – 20 free spins
  • Four Overlay Scatters – 12 free spins
  • Three Overlay Scatters – 8 free spins
  • Two Overlay Scatters – 4 free spins

Remember that these are added to however many free turns you already have. It’s worth noting as well that if you get to the end of the free spins mode and haven’t made at least 10 times your total bet size, then you will be given a win worth 10x. Additionally, higher value rules are used in the free spins mode to give you an even better value compared to the regular game.

How to Win at Wild West Gold

With games that have a high hit-rate, you’ll usually want to increase your bet size a bit to compensate. However, that would be a mistake in the Wild West Gold online slot for the most part.

The reason for this is that the volatility is a bit higher than it would otherwise seem. Any change in your bet size won’t really do you much good from a strategic standpoint in this particular game because the volatility level is in the medium range (if the low end of that range), so your best bet is to just choose what you’re normally comfortable with and to go from there.

Payout Structure for Wild West Gold

There are two male cowboy characters that pay pretty well. The first is facing the player straight-on with a brown coat and tan hat, and he pays 20x for five of a kind. The second is wearing a black hat, which was usually the sign of a villain in Western-genre movies. He gets you 12.5x for five of a kind combinations.

Wild West Gold Payouts
Wild West Gold Payouts

From there, we have the women and other mid-level symbols. The lady in the white hat and blue background is worth 7.5x for five on a line, and five of a kind combos of the lady on the purple background with brown hair gets you 5x. Wins of 3.75x and 2.5x are yours for five of the bags of gold or pistols as well.

At the bottom end of the pay schedule, you have the card rank symbols. The blue A and golden K get you 1.5x for five of a kind. Five-symbol combinations of the purple Q, green J or red 10 symbols are worth 1x also.


With the Wild West Gold video slot, Pragmatic Play created a gameplay experience that focuses a lot on the wild multipliers that show up in the middle three reels. This is made even more important by the fact that the symbols often show up stacked and that there are 40 paylines, which is well above average for five-reel games.

Graphically speaking, it’s above average as well with a detailed background and some solid characters. There was obviously a lot of care taken in putting together the aesthetic package, so to speak, and it paid off for sure in this title.

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