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An Introduction to High Roller Casino Games

It can be surprisingly difficult to find high roller games sometimes. The reason for that is that most casino titles are produced for people who play at lower stakes. That’s just how the numbers work out since most people aren’t playing at high levels.

However, for those who are looking for high stakes online casino games, we have the best that you can find in what follows.

Down below, you’ll see our recommendations for the best high stakes table games and slots. We have broken things down a bit by category to make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for. However, one thing you will notice is that all of these games have been produced with top-level players in mind.

To this end, we’ll not only give you details about the gameplay, but we’ll also show you what you need to know about how these games are set up. These developers are looking to give high stakes casino players the best experiences possible, and the recommendations we have below represent the best that you’ll be able to find online today.

High Roller Online Slot Options

We’re going to start off by looking at some of the best high stakes online slots. These games are designed for players who want to wager more than usual. As a result, the prizes that you can win are also much higher than usual. They also represent some of the best gameplay and graphics combinations that you’ll find anywhere.

Playtech’s Age of the Gods: Norse Legends

The first slot suggestion we have is Age of the Gods: Norse Legends. It’s a high roller progressive slot that offers three different progressive jackpots. Additionally, it’s based on Norse mythology and has a great look and feel with a €200 maximum bet size.

What most players will notice first with this game is that it’s based on a very solid format. With 20 paylines on a 5×3 grid, it will feel familiar to most players from the first spin. However, it’s anything but ordinary with its great wild payouts with static wins worth up to 10,000x. While the format itself is straightforward and common, the feature set and variety is among the best online.

You’ll also have four different free spins bonus rounds. Each of these are based on a different figure from Norse mythology. This just goes to show the depth Playtech went to in order to make sure you get a great experience. When you combine this with the other great features that they have in this title, along with three big progressives where the top prize always pays at least six figures, then you can see how serious the action is overall.

Net Entertainment’s Victorious MAX

The Victorious MAX video slot is a high stakes game with a very different type of presentation. Based on an ancient Roman theme, you’ll have a drawn style of animation that looks tremendous. With a €125 maximum bet size and some great payouts, this is a great high roller game.

Players have a lot of ways to get paid in this title with 243 ways to win. On top of that, a free spins mode with a massive 6x multiplier is on tap. However, the overall pay table actually gives you a customization option to a certain extent. That helps to allow you to really narrow down how you want your experience to go. What’s more is that you can change between the two options at any time.

Here’s how this customization option works. The top four non-wild symbols have payouts that follow one of two distributions. Additionally, one of those is a bit more top-heavy than the other. However, the one with higher payouts hits a bit less often while the one with lower payouts hits more frequently. This leads to volatility levels that are higher or lower, respectively.

IGT’s MegaJackpots Monopoly

Based on one of the most recognizable board games in history, the MegaJackpots Monopoly video slot from IGT is a very popular title. Much of the gameplay centers around a progressive jackpot that’s always worth at least €500,000. However, it offers a lot of other ways to get paid as well.

One thing that’s worth noting is that the maximum bet size can fluctuate based on the casino. However, it’s usually at least €200 per spin. In some cases, your account manager can get the maximum betting amounts adjusted for you on this game as well. Regardless, the wealth-based theme and lots of ways to get big payouts are perfect for high rollers.

Something that stands out in this game is that it has one of a kind wins for wild symbols. A number of other features based on Monopoly game mechanics are also available. Overall, this is the kind of title that gets a lot of attention considering it only has nine paylines. However, that means it’s perfect for players who like steady but action-packed gameplay.

Playtech’s Age of the Gods: Ruler of the Dead

This is one more game produced by Playtech in their Age of the Gods line. We recommend Age of the Gods: Ruler of the Dead in part because many games in the series have really high betting limits. This game is no different with betting maximums that can be worth as much as €500 per turn depending on where you’re playing.

Based around Hades, the God of the Underworld, this title has a number of other important figures. You’ll see Persephone, Charon and Cerberus as well. These are the three most important figures that you can find in Greek mythology that have to do with the Underworld. Additionally, they each have features centered around them that offer you a lot of ways to win.

This title also has a great top-tier prize in a progressive that’s always at a minimum of €100,000. However, that’s on top of three additional progressives at lower levels. In any case, you get better chances to hit these progressives in proportion to your bet size. That means high stakes slots fans have better chances to win these payouts than anyone else.

High Roller Table Games

While slots are generally the most popular games in general (by number of bets placed), table games tend to be more popular among high stakes casino game players. Different people have their own reasons for this. However, in the games that we’re going to look at in the following, the difference is easy to see.

The aesthetics of the experience are a lot different than slots. Additionally, you get a lot of exclusive options that other players don’t get, which is largely the point. As such, the highest class of online casino games are generally seen in the following recommendations.

Evolution Gaming’s Live Salon Prive Roulette

The Live Salon Prive Roulette tables are our vote for the best high roller roulette games available online. They’re produced by Evolution Gaming, and they are known for offering one-on-one play with a dedicated dealer. This means you’re the only person playing the hands, and it also means you get a number of options to customize your experience.

To give you an idea of how exclusive this game is, it starts off with you selecting your dealer. Additionally, the minimum bet sizes are usually €100 per wager. However, account balance minimums of at least €5,000 to €6,000 apply as well. On top of all of this, a special game manager is watching your games at all times and can help you with questions or anything else. As you can see, these are very much exclusive tables for only high stakes players.

Overall, this is most likely the best single-zero roulette experience available anywhere online. We have never seen anything close, and we’ve seen virtually everything that’s ever been produced in this space. While these games have high stakes, they can also be played at whatever pace you’re comfortable with. As long as you aren’t taking several minutes between wagers, they’re happy to keep whatever pace you desire.

Playtech’s Soiree Blackjack

In the blackjack space, we actually have two suggestions. The first of those comes from Playtech and is their Soiree Blackjack tables. This is a live dealer-style table that is set up to be a particularly high-class experience.

First off, it’s important to understand the presentation of the game. It’s a dark, high-end setting with a dealer that you select. Additionally, you also have options to choose your own dealer based on the ones available. The games are played with you as the only person at the table, and a staff member who manages the games is always available and is monitoring the games as they are played.

The minimum wager in this game is €50 per hand, but certain minimum account balance requirements are also in place. However, you can place bets as high as €10,000 per hand, making this the ultimate high stakes online blackjack table.

Something that makes this game stand out is the set of side bets. Both the Perfect Pairs and 21+3 side bets are available. They’re the most popular side bets in online blackjack, and it makes sense that they’re available here.

Evolution Gaming’s Live Salon Prive Blackjack

If you’re looking for a bit of a brighter interface than Playtech’s top option above, then the Live Salon Prive Blackjack tables are where to look. Operated by Evolution Gaming, they have a green and gold aesthetic instead of the darker look and feel. That aside, a lot of the rule set and available wagers are the same.

One difference in the tables is that the minimum bet size here is €500 per turn. That means players who want to wager from €50 to €499 per spin will have better luck at the Playtech option. Outside of that, these games are direct competitors to each other with no major differences other than the presentation.

For example, you get both the 21+3 and Perfect Pairs side bets in this game. Additionally, the rule sets are virtually identical. Finally, you can also pick your own dealer here, and you’re also the only player at the table. This means no waiting on other players to make their decision or having to share the dealer’s attention in conversation.

Playtech’s Soiree Baccarat Tables

Baccarat is often seen as the ultimate high-stakes online table game. Along these lines, the Live Soiree Baccarat tables from Playtech are our recommendation for the best high stakes online Baccarat games.

We have a variety of reasons for making such a strong claim with this recommendation. First off, it uses a black and gold visual style that’s different than their live dealer games at regular stakes. Moreover, your wagers come in at a minimum of €50 per hand. The maximum can vary based on when you play, but it’s always at least €1,000.

The main thing that makes this game stand out the most is how much customization you can do. For example, you can choose between the traditional commission pay structure or the no commission (ie: EZ Baccarat style) approach. What’s more is that you can switch between these from hand to hand, so you’re always getting the play style you want.

Additionally, you get to pick your dealer, and you can change your dealer during your sessions. From there, a few extra side bets are found in this game that you don’t find in most others. That includes the individual pair bets, the “either pair” option and the perfect pair side wager.


The high stakes online casino game recommendations we have made here are what we believe give high roller players the best experiences overall. For most people who enjoy games at higher stakes, the quality of experience is the most important thing. Along these lines, it’s what we have focused on the most in our suggestions.


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